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Due to the recent rise and concern of Coronavirus, we are taking every measure to protect our patients. In addition to following CDC guidelines, please note that we will only be allowing new or active female and male patients in our facility at this time. For any upcoming procedures, we will only allow one escort for transportation into the facility.

We are now offering virtual consultations through ferTELEty©, Kofinas Fertility Group's telemedicine program!


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Anne S. Devi Wold


Meet Anne S. Devi Wold

One of Kofinas Fertility Group’s Attending Physicians

Dr. Anne Devi Wold holds triple board certifications from the American Board of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the American Board of Medical Genetics. Dr. Anne Wold has practiced medicine for over 25 years and has helped thousands of patients experience the joy of pregnancy and parenthood. Dr. Wold uses a unique approach to treating each patient individually, looking for hormonal, genetic, and environmental factors that may be contributing to their infertility, and putting a plan in place to optimize success. Dr. Devi Wold specializes in genetic disorders, uterine malformations, premature ovarian failure, unexplained infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and Telugu, Dr. Devi Wold has helped build thousands of families, both nationally and internationally.

Physician Specialty

Reproductive Endocrinologist
Clinical Geneticist

New York Location

Lower Manhattan

Training & Recognition

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Yale University in New Haven, CT
Fellowship in Clinical Genetics at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, CT
Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, CT
Howard University, Washington DC
Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the General Hospital of Goiania in Brazil
Anatomy, Howard University, Washington DC
Doctor of Medicine from Faculdade De Medicina - Federal University in Brazil

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“I have experienced infertility myself and have 2 adult children through IVF. I chose this profession because of how challenging, yet rewarding it can be. IVF was just emerging at the time I decided to go into the field and I felt that this technology would help improve the odds for so many patients to succeed in the future. If I could use my genetics knowledge together with the latest technology, I knew I could make a difference for so many families. ”

What did you find compelling about it? What do you most enjoy about it now?

“I love when patients send me pictures of their babies. I get one almost every day including beautiful notes with the children’s achievements and how well they are doing even 10+ years later. They don’t always remember who delivered their child but they remember me because I helped them during the most stressful part of the journey. I am truly compelled by the happiness it can bring to finally achieve a healthy baby, it makes everything worth it.”

How would you characterize your style of patient interaction?

“Due to my personal experience with infertility, I have empathy for my patients and am able to give them hope through individualized treatment. I know firsthand the emotional distress that comes with difficulty in conceiving and I will always go the extra mile to not only help each patient achieve success, but to make the journey itself easier. ”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients?

"Being a mother has been so rewarding and I want to be able to give that same joy to my patients. "

What is your best quality as a member of this practice’s team, how does that help you in your role?

"In order to mirror the community, I believe a diverse staff gifts us with the ability to better serve our patients that come from diverse backgrounds. I speak not only English but Spanish, Portuguese and Telugu which allows me to help an even wider array of patients."

Anything additional you would like to tell us or that you feel would be pertinent information about you?

"I enjoy helping the LGBTQIA+ population because of my genetics background, I helped many transgender patients with transitioning through hormone replacement therapy and gave them future reproductive options. "


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