Egg Freezing

Freeze your eggs, not your options

Advanced Egg Freezing

Only you can choose the right time to have a baby. Trust our egg freezing specialists to preserve your fertility.

It isn’t always convenient or possible to start a family during your peak fertility years (before age 32). And that’s okay! Whether you’re prioritizing your career, need to have cancer treatment, or want to wait just because… Kofinas Fertility Group is here for you.


Freezing your eggs during your peak fertility years preserves their quality for over 10 years.

Egg freezing (officially known as “oocyte cryopreservation”) works by bathing your harvested eggs in a solution that prevents ice crystals from damaging them. We then place your eggs in plastic vials and freeze them in liquid nitrogen in a process called “vitrification.” Frozen eggs can be stored for weeks, months or even years, and then transferred to your uterus or that of a surrogate mother.



5 Steps to Hormone Therapy

Egg freezing relieves the stress of age-related fertility decline, lowers your chance of pregnancy complications, and allows you to balance your family and career. It’s important to note that egg freezing does not guarantee you a pregnancy. The chance of successfully conceiving with in vitro fertilization (IVF) using frozen eggs is similar to cycles using fresh eggs. Also, there are no increases in genetic abnormalities or birth defects in children born from frozen eggs.


STEP 1: Hormone Therapy

Two weeks of hormone therapy to stimulate your ovaries and produce multiple eggs.

STEP 2: Egg Monitoring

Regular egg monitoring to ensure your eggs are healthy.

STEP 3: Retrieve Your Eggs

A minor outpatient procedure to retrieve your eggs.

STEP 4: Freeze Your Eggs

Preparation and freezing of eggs.

STEP 5: Store Your Eggs

Storage — frozen eggs can remain viable for over 10 years.


Amazing fertility clinic with high quality care. Dr. Kofinas, the nurses and receptionists were all very professional, patient, and always available to answer my questions. They really help guide you through the process and provide individualized/customized plans. I can only speak to egg freezing, which was as seamless as I could’ve hoped for. They were also very good with timeliness for office visits which was always much appreciated. I would highly recommend the Kofinas Fertility Group, and in particular the Central Park West location, for anyone considering fertility treatments!
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Alice Liao

In 2012, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) lifted the experimental status of egg freezing procedures, citing high egg-viability rates (90%+) and live-birth rates similar to IVF cycles using fresh eggs. This means egg freezing clinics have been providing first-line fertility treatment for many years.

Women are rapidly recognizing the lifestyle flexibility offered by egg freezing in New York. Be part of a growing movement of women who’re taking control of their fertility!




Maybe you're in the middle of building your career, maybe you haven't met the right partner, or you just aren't ready to be a parent. The number one factor contributing to your fertility health is age. Freezing your eggs gives you the ability to press pause on your timeline. You should consider freezing your eggs if you want to significantly increase your chance of a successful pregnancy when you're ready. Getting started is easy!



Freezing Your Embryos

We have the ability to cryopreserve your embryos in our advanced in-house laboratory. Regardless if your transfer is soon or you want to wait until you’re ready for number two or three, your embryos are kept safe with our technology (that has backups for our backups) until you decide to use them.

There are many reasons why we suggest cryopreserving or banking your embryos rather than separating eggs and sperm:

  • It is ideal for patients with partners or sperm donors available.
  • It is also ideal for patients that want more children in the future, but want to preserve the quality now.
  • Embryo freezing will give you more information upfront versus freezing eggs – we already know which eggs were mature (healthy enough to fertilize) and develop into blastocysts (develop embryologically).
  • You also have the option of genetically testing the embryos through preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). We do this by taking a biopsy or small tissue sample of what will become the placenta (called the trophectoderm). This sample will tell us the chromosomal health of your embryos. This can also help you decide if you need to do more IVF cycles in the future.

Plan for Your Future Fertility

Enjoy the life you've created now, but give yourself control over your future family. Whether you're simply curious about fertility preservation--like freezing your eggs--or you're facing a more serious decision due to a medical condition, let's talk.

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