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Our fertility specialists are the best of the best - distinguished by their extensive experience, emotional receptivity, and specialized surgical skill. At Kofinas Fertility Group, our success comes from our individualized approach of identifying and treating the root cause of your fertility struggle.

Whether you are trying to conceive, trying to wait as long as possible, or want to optimize your reproductive health and overall wellness, we are here with solutions.
Everyone’s fertility journey is as unique as they are, but here are some steps to get started.


Step One

Request an initial Fertility Assessment to assess your fertility goals.


Step Two

Based on your goals, the doctor will get a baseline of where your body is right now with thorough testing.

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Step Three

We will create a unique treatment plan to help you reach your fertility goals.


Diagnosis & Testing

Thorough testing allows your doctor to pinpoint any underlying issues that may need to be addressed prior to treatment. Your body needs to be in optimal condition to receive treatment, and it all starts with the root cause.



Our techniques and treatments are performed by highly skilled fertility doctors and surgeons that can take on the most challenging cases that very few centers in the United States can offer.


Results that Speak for Themselves


The Best Fertility Medicine at the Most Advanced Facilities

We are proud to offer the most innovative treatment options in our state-of-the-art facilities. We aim to provide the highest quality care that advanced medicine can offer from our convenient locations and in-house laboratories to our dedicated surgical facility. 


Our minimally invasive procedures not only remove physical barriers to a healthy pregnancy but we make sure that we optimize your reproductive health for the future. At Kofinas Fertility Group, we do it all because that’s what it takes to give you a healthy, happy child.

Resources to Help Your Fertility Journey

Understanding your fertility will give you agency and confidence as you work with your doctor.

Knowledge is a powerful tool to give you agency and confidence as you go through your journey. Here are some resources to help you along the way. 


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