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Discover the exact cause of your fertility problems.

In order to help overcome your fertility struggle and start a family, it’s important for the specialists at the Kofinas Fertility Group in New York to have a complete understanding of the cause of your problems. Once we know the source of your fertility issues, we will design your treatment plan to directly address them and give you the best possible chance for a healthy, complication-free pregnancy.

We have decades of experience that inform our recommendations, and we always work with everyone we treat on a personal basis. It’s important to us to build a relationship with you, fully understand your struggle and give you the customized care you need to start a family. And because your assessment determines the entire course of your treatment, it’s important for us to be especially thorough in this facet of your care. You can trust that we will double-check all details and conduct every assessment that will help us give you a better chance of experiencing the joy of parenthood.

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Our fertility assessments are crucial to starting your family.

In this section, you’ll learn about our various techniques for assessing the nature of your fertility problems in our Brooklyn and New York Fertility Center. Browse the pages below for more details about each topic:

  • Ovulatory function evaluation Problems with your ovulatory cycle can have a range of negative effects on your fertility. We have multiple ways to fully assess your cycle and we use that information to develop a customized treatment plan.
  • Imaging Detailed and accurate, our ultrasound and X-ray imaging techniques allow us to take a close look at your reproductive tract, identify any major problems, and develop targeted therapies that will help you finally take home the child of your dreams.
  • Sample testing By carefully examining the samples we collect, we get a clear idea of what’s inhibiting your ability to have a successful pregnancy.

After conducting the necessary tests, we will implement your personalized care plan and start you on the road to reproductive success. And no matter what is causing your infertility, we have the experience necessary to give you the best possible options for finally having a baby of your own.

For more information about our fertility assessment capabilities, to learn more about Dr. Kofinas success rate or to schedule an appointment, call (718)-736-2218. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.