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Choose Kofinas Fertility Group’s comprehensive fertility therapies to help you start a wonderful family.

First, we at the Kofinas Fertility Group in New York use our advanced fertility assessment techniques to pinpoint the likely source of your fertility problems. Next we determine which of our wide range of therapies we should use to treat your issues and give you the child of your dreams.

Our advanced fertility therapies can help fix recurrent pregnancy loss.

A single miscarriage can be truly devastating to a couple, and multiple miscarriages can make you feel like there is no hope for your family. Defined as two or more miscarriages, recurrent pregnancy loss drives many couples to seek out our expertise.

We’re here to show you that, even though you may feel like your dreams are dashed, our advanced therapies can often solve the issues causing your miscarriages and help you have a beautiful baby. In fact, women who have had multiple miscarriages still have a 60 to 70 percent chance of taking home a son or daughter after fertility treatment.

While the source of miscarriage is sometimes difficult to identify, here are some common causes:

  • Genetic factors
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Blood clotting disorders

With leading-edge treatments such as genetic analysis, surgery and hormone therapy, we can usually mitigate these causes of pregnancy loss to finally give you a successful pregnancy and allow you to begin building your family.

Comprehensive treatment capabilities that set the standard for fertility care.

Our range of treatments can resolve almost any fertility issue, and we will do whatever it takes to give you a child. This means that if an effective fertility treatment technique exists, we make it available to you. Optimizing your chance of success is our guiding strategic goal, and we will recommend every treatment — including surgery — that has a strong potential to help you start a new, joyful phase of your life.

Browse through the pages below to learn about our many advanced fertility treatments and discover the possibilities available to you and your family.

  • Low-complexity therapies – Sometimes it only takes minimal assistance to help couples achieve a healthy pregnancy. Intrauterine insemination and ovarian stimulation could be all that’s required to start your new life as a parent.
  • Cryopreservation – If timing is an issue, our short- and long-term embryo and egg freezing techniques can help you have a successful pregnancy when you feel the time is right.
  • In vitro fertilization – At our own on-site embryology lab, our experts use advanced equipment and techniques to give you the best possible chance of a successful in vitro fertilization procedure.
  • Genetic testing – We can run genetic tests on you and your partner to determine what may be causing your fertility problems and to determine the possibility of passing on genetic diseases to your child.
  • Donation & surrogacy – Through our egg-donor and surrogacy programs, women with fertility problems can still experience the joy of motherhood.
  • Surgical procedures – With our strong surgical expertise, we can fix a range of problems that could be contributing to your fertility problems, like endometriosis or fibroids.

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