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    At Kofinas Fertility Group, our fertility experts create a welcoming environment and support system to help you plan, build, and expand your family. Our life's work is to make the family-building process as personalized and easy as possible. The Kofinas Fertility team is invested in helping you meet your family planning goals from start to finish, while using the best and most thoroughly researched fertility medicine and treatments.

    Our doctors have more than 70 years of combined fertility experience, and Kofinas Fertility Group has been in practice for over 30 years, so you can feel confident that you're working with some of the best fertility experts in the country. 

    Check out our testimonials and success stories below to discover why our patients think we're one of the top fertility clinics in New York!





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    Excellent staff. Excellent doctors. Excellent care. These are the experts in infertility - the Kofinas group is well known nationally. They are very compassionate toward their patients and very thorough. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.
    The facility was good- well equipped and great doctors. Only thing was it was a bit far from my home to come there almost every week and sometimes even every day. The nurses and staffs were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Melissa Montes was especially good as she would clearly explain what was going on which was a big stress reliever for us at that time.
    I have always been very satisfied with every service I received at the clinic. The staff is always very helpful. The doctors and nurses are very professional and knowledgeable.
    I had a great experience. The staff were friendly and Dr. Kofinas and Dr. Nygen made sure I delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl by monitoring my pregnancy weekly until I was ready to deliver.
    Everything about my experience was wonderful, from the caring staff to the loving doctors who treated me like family. Everyone was very knowledgeable and sensitive to my experience. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about both my process as well as the wonderful staff who helped me finally complete my family with two beautiful children!
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