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    Reproductive Surgeries

    Expert surgeons to optimize your reproductive health

    Fertility in New York

    Surgical procedures to improve your fertility in New York.

    In many cases, a condition that causes infertility can be treated surgically. Or, to put it more succinctly, there are many cases where surgery is necessary to offer the best chances for conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

    Kofinas Fertility Group offers comprehensive treatment for all fertility issues, including issues that require surgical care. Whether it be for a condition that affects men or women, our team is highly experienced with reproductive surgeries to maximize your chances of conception. Depending on your specific condition, a custom surgical plan is developed for you.

    What is a Hysteroscopy

    Hysteroscopy to treat uterine adhesions.

    A hysteroscopy is an outpatient procedure used to locate and remove adhesions inside your uterus. The procedure involves using a narrow fiber optic scope inserted into the cervix. Hysteroscopic procedures include:

    • Lysis – Removal of intrauterine adhesions
    • Myomectomy – Removal of fibroids
    • Correction of congenital abnormalities - of the uterus, such as uterine septum

    What is a Laparoscopy?

    Laparoscopy for minimal scarring and faster recovery.

    Laparoscopy is an outpatient surgical procedure that involves a narrow fiber optic scope inserted through a tiny incision near your navel. Laparoscopic procedures include:

    • Tuboplasty – Repair of the fallopian tubes
    • Ovarian cystectomy – Removal of cysts from the ovary
    • Endometriosis treatment removal of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus
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    • Myomectomy – Removal of fibroids
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    • Lysis – removal of adhesions


    Microsurgery with advanced technology to treat pathologic conditions.

    Microsurgery is performed using an operating microscope. It is often used to treat pathologic conditions like tubal obstructions, vas deferens obstructions, and varicocele. Microsurgery options include:

    • Microsurgical tubal reanastomosis – Reconnects the two ends of the fallopian tubes in an effort to reverse sterilization
    • Myomectomy – Removal of fibroids
    • Ovarian cystectomy – Removal of cysts from the ovary

    Our team at Kofinas Fertility Group is dedicated to your fertility so you can achieve your dreams of pregnancy and a happy, healthy child. As pioneers in our field, we provide comprehensive fertility treatment using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology. Come experience our unparalleled, effective fertility care at Kofinas Fertility Group today.

    For more information about surgical procedures for fertility, or to request an appointment, call 212-878-7677. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.

    Birth Control Removal/Reversal

    The invention of birth control is one of the most significant medical innovations for modern women. With the conception of birth control (pun intended), there have been many advances in the various types of birth control available today. Even though many of these birth control options are suitable for many women depending on their family-building goals, a few have been linked to complications when it comes time to start a family or may affect the overall health of your reproductive system.

    In most cases, your OBGYN should be able to implant and remove birth control such as an IUD or birth control implant. However, at Kofinas Fertility, we often see patients with complicated cases for removal.

    Our doctors specialize in minimally invasive reproductive surgery, so we can take on the toughest cases of birth control removal where your OBGYN cannot safely remove it without affecting the rest of your reproductive system.

    Complications with birth control devices can range from minor to life-threatening. At Kofinas Fertility, we can safely remove birth control devices while ensuring that your reproductive system stays healthy or is healthier than before (even if you are not actively trying to get pregnant). Whether you have a lodged IUD that has migrated on its own to a complicated location or you are looking for the best surgeons to remove your Essure device, or want options after getting your "tubes tied," our specialists are here to help.



    Other Birth Control Removal/Reversal FAQs:

    My tubes are tied, can I still get pregnant?

    This is a very common question from our patients that have previously had a tubal ligation surgery. Tubal ligation reversal surgery is often unnecessary due to the option of IVF. One reason that we recommend going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) rather than a tubal reversal surgery is the efficiency of the process itself. If having a baby is your goal with tubal ligation in place, we recommend doing IVF rather than having to reverse the procedure and then doing fertility treatment.


    Do you perform tubal ligation reversal?

    Yes, we can perform that procedure, but women that have had a tubal ligation often see more success and less cost with IVF rather than a reversal surgery. IVF is less invasive, more cost efficient, and has higher success rates of having a baby. Tubal ligation reversal is considered an elective procedure, therefore not typically covered by insurance.


    Can my OBGYN remove my IUD instead of having surgery?

    Typically, an OBGYN can perform the removal of an IUD if there are no complications with the location or any migration that has happened in your uterus. Our specialists are here for the more challenging cases that need to be surgically removed. Even if you are not ready to have a baby now, performing the removal with a highly specialized surgeon gives you the best chance of having a healthy reproductive system for when you are ready to start a family.

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    It was a wonderful experience with Kofinas. Even when I had doubts and fear within me , the nurses and doctors reassure me of the possibility of becoming a mom, am glad I have my healthy twins. Thank you team Kofinas .
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    It was a long journey for me, with many twists and turns. And some real rough spots. But I always felt a lot of support from the staff at Kofinas- especially from the wonderful Dr. Brzechffa. And I couldn't be more pleased with the results: a beautiful healthy son.
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