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Our fertility doctors and nurses show the meaning of excellence.

Fertility care is an inherently personal and often complicated field, and it requires a special type of person to practice it well. Not only does our practice require exceptional skill as a doctor, but also strong emotional sensibility. Additionally, because surgery is a somewhat common — but often unmentioned — necessity to maximize the chance of a successful pregnancy, excellent surgical skill is also mandatory when we search for doctors for our practice.

Empathy drives us to give you the best possible care.

Our fertility specialists and nurses at Kofinas Fertility Group are defined by a strong dedication to the field. We are all emotionally invested in the outcomes of our practice because we identify with every hopeful mother and father who comes to us for help. Because of that, you can trust that your fertility care plan will be designed and carried out with the same dedication that we would give to our own children.

Our secret that makes us successful is collaboration and support.

You’ll notice a trend when reading about our doctors and nurses: they all love working at Kofinas Fertility Group. Why? Because…

  • We love the people we treat
  • We love the people we work with
  • We love the field of fertility medicine

Nobody is here because they have to be. We all come to work every day excited to make a difference in somebody’s life by giving the gift of parenthood. Each day is a new challenge, and that’s one of the qualities we love about our field. Listening to your story and figuring out the best possible course of action according to your needs is something we feel uniquely suited for. In fact, it’s one of our defining characteristics as an organization.

Meet the Kofinas Fertility Group team of dedicated specialists and compassionate nurses.

Click on the images of each of our outstanding professionals to read more about their accomplishments and care philosophies. Each of our specialists and nurses has different strengths and come from a wide variety of backgrounds, just like those we treat at Kofinas Fertility Group. Most are parents themselves, and understand the deep desire you have to be a mother or father.