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Ovulation Problems: Signs to Look Out For

Sep 20, 2018
Topic: PCOS, Topic: Fertility, Topic: Pregnancy
Since most cases of infertility are caused by problems with ovulation, knowing what signs to be aware of is important for those wanting start a family. On average, roughly 10% of women in the United States experience problems with fertility, so if you are facing any challenges, trust that you're...
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4 Things You Need to Know About Using a Surrogate Mother

Nov 27, 2017
Posted by: George Kofinas
Topic: Fertility, Topic: Pregnancy, Topic: Surrogacy
You might be considering starting a family and the many options available out there. Did you know the process of intravenous fertilization has an estimated 65% success rate? And the success rate for women under 35 is nearly 60%. This means opting for a surrogate parent is likely to deliver...
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Can You Really Use Yoga to Get Pregnant?

Nov 20, 2017
Posted by: George Kofinas
Topic: Fertility, Topic: Pregnancy
It’s no secret that yoga can do wonders for your physical well-being. Yoga’s many benefits include reducing blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and even pain. It’s also the sixth most commonly used complementary health practice among adults in the U.S. But what about using yoga to get pregnant?...
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Is Getting Pregnant at 40 Really Possible? (Hint: Yes!)

Oct 18, 2017
Posted by: George Kofinas
Topic: Fertility, Topic: Pregnancy
The world is changing. Women used to be trapped, forced to choose between a career and children. That meant having babies in our 20s, or as soon as possible. But today, women are becoming moms a little later in life. This means more and more women getting pregnant at 40. A lot of people think this...
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