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Can You Freeze Your Eggs If You Have an IUD?

Egg freezing is a viable option for many individuals and couples who plan to have a family of their own someday.  

Specifically for females who undergo in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to achieve pregnancy—egg freezing allows for multiple pregnancy attempts in case the first try isn't successful. And if starting a family isn't an immediate option, egg freezing is the perfect solution to preserve one's chances of a healthy pregnancy at a later date. 

With that in mind, for women who use birth control or intrauterine devices (IUD) to prevent pregnancy, do those methods have any impact on egg freezing?

Here's what you need to know:


Do IUDs and Other Birth Control Methods Impact Egg Freezing?

It's important to understand that you can't consider IUDs and birth control to have the same effects. 

For example, with an IUD, whether it's hormonal or copper, they don't have an impact on ovulation, which means they won't disrupt egg production. So when it comes to IUDs and egg freezing, the answer is "yes," you can leave those in without worry. 

However, when it comes to birth control and egg freezing, there's a direct clash that can occur. 

Women take birth control to prevent the ovulation process, but during the egg freezing process, medications are used to instruct the ovaries to produce several eggs within a single menstrual cycle. Now, that doesn't mean that women have to stop taking birth control altogether, but it does mean that they should refrain from taking birth control once they start the egg freezing process. Then once egg retrieval takes place, they can safely resume taking it. 


What Effects Does Birth Control Have On Fertility?

Now, you may be wondering that since birth control works against your natural fertility cycles, does that mean that taking it can have any long-term effects on fertility?

Overall, you shouldn't have anything to worry about until after the age of 35. At that point, staying on birth control may lead to increased health risks, such as blood clots or other hormonal related issues. Although when you consult with a fertility expert, you can discuss any potential problems and come up with a plan that leads you to a successful pregnancy. 

Learn more about the effects of birth control on your fertility later in life.


Egg Freezing with Kofinas Fertility Group

Egg freezing can seem like an intimidating process, but with fertility experts to help you along the way, you can easily prepare for the future while maintaining your usual lifestyle. 

Kofinas Fertility Group understands that everyone's journey to pregnancy is different. For individuals and couples from all walks of life, egg freezing presents an opportunity to have a family at the right time. Not to mention, it allows for multiple attempts to provide a sense of security in case of any unforeseen challenges. 

More than anything, egg freezing with Kofinas Fertility Group is made simple, so to learn more about the egg freezing process request an appointment today!

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