What Is Assisted Hatching?

What is Assisted Hatching?

Assisted Hatching (AH) is an new and innovative laboratory technique that can help increase your chances of IVF treatment success. AH is performed to help an embryo hatch out of its protective layering and implant into the uterus.

During the initial stages of development, your embryo is contained in a protective layer of proteins, known as the zona pellucida. To successfully implant into the uterine lining, the embryo must hatch out of the zona pellucida.

Assisted Hatching is an infertility treatment procedure that assists the embryo in breaking out of the zona pellucida. AH is performed by creating a small hole in the outer lining of the embryo’s protective layering. The procedure is very delicate and is performed using micromanipulation techniques under a microscope just prior to the embryo transfer.