What Are The Best Fertility Treatment Options For Older Women?

In growing numbers, women are choosing to start their families later in life. For many women, it is a conscious decision to delay having children until they’ve reached their personal or professional goals. Other women may have waited to be in the ideal relationship before starting a family. Unfortunately, many of these women find it difficult to start a family when the time comes to try. The best fertility treatment options for older women are based on their specific medical needs. Personalized treatment provides the best chance for successful treatment and patient satisfaction.

The Best Fertility Treatment Options for Older Women

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF treatment addresses a number of male and female related fertility issues. During an IVF cycle, a woman’s body is stimulated to produce multiple eggs during a single cycle. These eggs are then retrieved

during an outpatient procedure and are fertilized. The embryos created are monitored and examined to determine which are of the highest quality. High quality embryos are used for the transfer back into the woman with surplus embryos stored for use during a future cycle.

There are a number of treatment approaches with IVF care. Treatments can vary from traditional options that use large doses of fertility medication to minimal stimulation options that use reduced medications. The exact protocol used should be based on an individual’s specific medical needs for support during the cycle.

Donor Eggs

Egg quality can be a significant issue for older women. As a woman ages, the quality of her eggs naturally begins to decline. This decline can make all aspects of the fertility treatment process more difficult. Donor eggs are available in order to help you start a family. These healthier eggs automatically result in higher pregnancy rates and a decreased likelihood of birth defects. Women can select from donors who have physical characteristics similar to their own. Donors are required to provide bios in order to present a detailed picture of themselves and their interests.

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