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How Much Do Egg Donors Make and Other Egg Donation FAQs

Unfortunately, many couples and individuals struggle with trying to conceive children on their own. 

For whatever reasons occur—be it medical or personal—infertility and life circumstances make having children for some difficult. However, with the help of an egg donor, the dream of starting a family becomes entirely possible. A loving couple or individual gets the opportunity to care for a child of their own, while the donor themselves is able to support their wishes and even gain a sense of financial security in the process.

Especially during these tough, economic times due to COVID-19, egg donors can earn extra income, while providing a unique service to those in need. 

How Much do Egg Donors Make?

Regardless of the monetary benefits of becoming an egg donor, the main takeaway is that one is providing an altruistic service to others. From this, a great deal of joy and good fortune extends to all parties involved, giving life a stronger purpose and foundation for the future. 

Specifically for egg donors, the amount of revenue they can earn for their participation is substantial. 

For example, at Kofinas Fertility Group, egg donors are compensated for their time commitment and involvement of the egg donor program. As a donor, they are not charged any out-of-pocket expenses, and they are compensated a total of $10,000 for their first cycle. 

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What Else Should I Know Before Donating?

Since egg donation is an intricate process, those who decide to participate may have a lot of questions along the way.

To help answer some common questions about egg donation, here are a few answers to consider:

What is the egg donation process like?

Primarily, there are 3 steps to egg donation that a donor undergoes:
  1. Donor evaluation and acceptance into the program.
  2. Stimulation of their ovarian cycles.
  3. Egg retrieval procedure (egg harvest).
How long does the egg donation process take?

In most cases, the egg donation process takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months from the beginning of the application process to the actual egg donation itself. There are also fertility medication periods and doctors visits that happen on a frequent basis to ensure everything is on schedule and in good health. 

Can I donate more than once?

An individual can donate up to 6 times in their life if approved by a physician for each individual case. On average, 60% of cycling donors in any given month are repeat donors. Also, two months after egg retrieval, a donor team physician reviews the donor's cycle and recipient outcome to decide on their eligibility in the future. 

Does Egg Donation Hurt?

The hormone medications and injections that egg donors experience are similar to a normal flu shot with very minimal pain or discomfort. The actual egg retrieval process only takes about 15 minutes in the operating room, and the donor is placed under light anesthesia throughout the appointment. After the procedure, donors should take a day of rest before returning to normal routines and activities.

Ready to Donate?

With the right support and guidance, egg donors can rest assured that the service they're providing is helping people obtain the family of their dreams. 

Kofinas Fertility Group makes the egg donation process simple, so if you're ready to become an egg donor today, click here to get started


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