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Due to the recent rise and concern of Coronavirus, we are taking every measure to protect our patients. In addition to following CDC guidelines, please note that we will only be allowing new or active female and male patients in our facility at this time. For any upcoming procedures, we will only allow one escort for transportation into the facility.

We are now offering virtual consultations through ferTELEty©, Kofinas Fertility Group's telemedicine program!


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Kofinas Fertility Group Featured on New York Post

Oct 30, 2019
Topic: News
Kofinas Fertility Group was recently featured in two New York Post articles as a top fertility clinic in New York. Find out more about our innovative technology and how we aim to end the stigma around infertility below. It’s time to start talking about fertility At Kofinas Fertility Group, it is...
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Fertility Group Opens Surgery Center in Lower Manhattan

Apr 18, 2019
Topic: News
This article originally appeared on Crain's New York Business on April 18th, 2019. Kofinas Fertility Group has opened an ambulatory surgery center at 65 Broadway in Lower Manhattan. The 10,000-square-foot Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center will focus on the treatment of endometriosis and uterine...
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Meet Dr. Alexis Masbou

Mar 19, 2019
Topic: News
Get to know Dr. Alexis Masbou, a new face to the Kofinas Fertility Group team--whose wealth of experience and knowledge we do not take for granted. Read more about her education and passions in the field of fertility. Dr. Alexis Masbou, whose first name actually means “helper of mankind”, comes to...
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Meet Dr. Chantae Sullivan-Pyke

Mar 15, 2019
Topic: News
We're proud to feature our newest team member at Kofinas Group, Dr. Chantae Sullivan-Pyke. Get to know her background in fertility, how she aims to help patients like you, and what she notices about common challenges facing families today.  Chantae Sullivan-Pyke, MD, MTR, FACOG, has been in the...
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