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3 Reasons to Take Advantage of New York State’s IVF (FAFTA) Coverage

Oct 29, 2019
Topic: IVF, Topic: Fertility Mandate
As of January 1st, 2020, New York is putting into effect a new Fertility Mandate (FAFTA) that covers several key necessities for anyone attempting to start a family through in-vitro fertilization (IVF).  This is great news for lots of hopeful couples and individuals since IVF treatments often go...
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What States Mandate IVF Coverage?

Oct 22, 2019
Topic: IVF, Topic: Fertility Mandate
According to research done by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, women who undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) to achieve pregnancy have a better success rate when they have health insurance to cover fertility expenses.  This is a major revelation for those hoping to start...
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[Infographic] An In Vitro Fertilization Timeline

Jul 4, 2019
Topic: IVF
If you're considering IVF, you may have felt the ups and downs that often come with an infertility journey. But now, you're ready for a positive, supportive outlook from a team who guides hopeful parents through IVF every day.  As you're researching the tips, timelines, and the stories of women who...
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3 Fertility Treatment Options to Consider Before You Try IVF

Jan 2, 2019
Topic: IVF, Topic: Fertility
Whenever issues with fertility start to surface, many people assume it's time to jump to a more intense procedure, such as IVF. The eagerness to start a family can push hopeful couples and individuals to presume this is the next step, and the anxiety could lead to them spending thousand of dollars...
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What to Expect After Egg Retrieval

Oct 1, 2018
Topic: Egg Retrieval, Topic: IVF
If you're undergoing (or considering) fertility preservation or IVF, you might be left feeling unsure and overwhelmed by the idea of egg retrieval. While it's an important decision in your fertility journey, the actual process of retrieval is fairly common and one our experts are here to guide you...
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