3 New York City Support Groups That Can Help You Cope With Infertility

As we discussed in a previous blog post, support groups can be a great way to deal with the stress and anxiety some people experience during infertility treatments. Many people feel very alone after an infertility diagnosis, and it can be helpful to gather regularly with other women and couples who’ve been there, or are currently going through it. There are hundreds of support group options in the greater New York City area, but here are a few that you might want to investigate.

RESOLVE Support Groups

The National Infertility Association (aka Resolve) was established in 1974 and is one of the only non-profits dedicated to women and men living with infertility. Resolve offers two types of infertility support groups, peer-led and professional-led. In peer-led groups, moderators are not professionally-trained mental health experts and there’s no charge for attendance. In professional-led groups, moderators are trained and licensed therapists, and there’s a fee for attendance. Learn more at www.resolve.org.

NINE Support Groups

Conducted by the National Infertility Network Exchange, these monthly educational meetings provide an opportunity to hear learn from fertility specialists, therapist, experts from adoption agencies, and other people in the fertility community. This group also offers something called the NINE Line, which allows people who can’t attend in-person meetings to connect with others who’ve had similar experiences via phone or E-mail. Visit www.nine-infertility.org to learn more.

Exploring Donor Egg Conception Group

Led by psychologist Anne F, Malave, Ph.D., this group is specifically designed for those considering or already in the process of donor egg conception. Common topics of discussion include how to choose an egg donor and how to cope if egg donation fails.

With today’s infertility treatments, trouble with conception doesn’t need to be the end of your family dreams. Kofinas Fertility Group is available to support you physically and emotionally. Request an appointment today.