Is Fertility Surgery Possible on Women Over 40?

It is widely believed that women over 40 will find it difficult to become pregnant, even with fertility treatment. While it is true that a woman’s fertility declines over time, women who are over 40 have a number of treatment options available. Fertility surgery on women over 40 is a successful means of addressing fertility issues.

Fertility Surgery on Women Over 40


This outpatient procedures allows doctors to identify and address abnormalities in the uterus. During the procedure a number of issues can be addressed including:

  • Removing adhesions inside the uterus
  • Removing fibroids
  • Addressing abnormalities, including a uterine septum

Uterine health is important in order for an embryo to implant and to result in a viable pregnancy.


Laparoscopy provides a means for doing surgical procedures without the use of large incisions. Instead, small incisions are made and scopes are used in order for your medical team to review your reproductive organs and to perform procedures if necessary. Fertility surgery on women over 40 with laparoscopy include:

  • Repairs of the fallopian tubes
  • Removing fibroids
  • Removing ovarian cysts

The recovery time for laparoscopy is significantly shorter than that of open surgery, allowing fertility treatment to begin sooner.


Microsurgery refers to surgical procedures that are done with the assistance of an operating microscope. This technique allows doctors to make surgical adjustments and repairs to the smallest organs and tissues. Many fertility surgeries utilize microsurgery including:

  • Reversal of tubal ligations
  • Removing fibroids
  • Removing ovarian cysts

While fertility surgery on women over 40 is possible, it is not the only treatment method. In order to best understand your fertility treatment needs and your options for fertility care, speak with a fertility doctor. Through the use of diagnostic tests and understanding your personal desires, a treatment plan can be created that helps you achieve your goal of parenthood.

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