How Does Age Affect Fertility Levels?

A woman is born with the total number of eggs that she’ll have for the rest of her life.

A woman’s fertility reduces on an ongoing basis over the years because of the normal aging process and the age-related changes happening in her ovaries.

On the other hand, men continue to produce more sperm throughout their lives.

Eggs are the female sex cells that are produced by a woman’s ovaries. Eggs mature inside fluid-filled cells commonly known as follicles. These cells – oocytes or ova – are fertilized by a man’s sperm in order to create an embryo – a human life in early formation.

A woman’s Age and the Effect on Fertilityhappy

Approximately 1 million follicles are within a female’s body at her time of birth.

These 1 million follicles will be reduced in number to about 300,000 by the time a she goes through puberty.

About 300 follicles will be ovulated during a herreproductive years – 18 to 30 years of age.

The Process of Atresia – Loss of Egg Cells

A woman’s follicles are not depleted by way of ovulation. There is a degenerative process of loss of egg cells known as atresia that is ongoing and gradual in a woman’s reproductive system as she ages.

Atresia occurs regardless of whether or not a woman:

  • Experiences pregnancy
  • Uses birth control
  • Undergoes infertility treatment

Specialized Treatment of Declining Fertility Due to Advanced Age

Your fertility will naturally decline in your late 20s or early 30s and, after 37, your fertility will decline precipitously.

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