Explaining the In Vitro Procedure and Related Costs

IVF is a medical procedure that can help a woman become pregnant if she is suffering from infertility due to many different causes.

IVF – in vitro fertilization – is the process of removing a woman’s egg and then fertilizing it in a laboratory dish with a man’s sperm.

  • In Vitro means outside of the woman’s body.
  • Fertilization means that the sperm has entered the egg to begin the process of developing into an embryo.
  • Once the embryo has reach an optimum stage of development, it is transferred into the woman’s uterus.
  • Hopefully, the embryo will attach to the woman’s uterine lining and a pregnancy will be achieved.

Some cause of infertility are:

  • Advanced maternal age – a woman who is over 35 years old
  • Damaged, obstructed, or removed fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovulation disorder such as uterine fibroids or premature ovarian failure
  • Male infertility such as low sperm count or blockage
  • Genetic disorder
  • Unexplained fertility

The First Step

The important first step in discovering how the IVF procedure works is to schedule an appointment for a complete fertility workup. This is also known as an infertility causes investigation.

Kofinas Fertility Institute’s complete fertility workup typically costs $2,500:

  • Discover the reason you cannot get pregnant,
  • Help your doctor develop a treatment program for you.

Where to Go Next

A complete fertility workup is available to you through Kofinas Fertility Institute, the prominent fertility clinic founded in 1987 by Dr. George Kofinas.

After you complete your infertility causes investigation at Kofinas Fertility Institute, you will

discover if you should pursue the IVF procedure in order to begin your family – IVF and Other Fertility Treatment Costs.

In Vitro Procedure Related Costs

Kofinas Fertility Institute offers financial plans for IVF that include:

  • A Standard IVF single cycle costing $6,000
  • Minimal Stimulation IVF costing $5,000
  • Natural Cycle IVF costing $5,000
  • Multi Cycle Standard IVF costing $15,500
  • Affordable IVF Discount Program Option costing $13,500
  • Insured Success 100% Guarantee Program costing $33,000.

This last option, a multiple cycle program, includes three fresh IVF cycles and frozen embryo transfers until all embryos are used up or a 14 week viable pregnancy is achieved, or your money back is guaranteed.

Kofinas Fertility Institute is among the highest rated IVF centers in the nation and its founder – Dr. George Kofinas – is a national specialist who pioneered IVF and helped develop today’s innovative procedures that have proven to be very successful.

To receive the answers to the questions you have, contact Kofinas Fertility Institute.