5 Things You Need to Consider Before Donating Your Eggs

Fertility is something every woman thinks about. You’ve probably thought about and used some form of contraceptive in your life. You may have also daydreamed about motherhood. What about helping an infertile woman become a mother? Donating your eggs can help create a family for someone who wants to take that next step. It can … Continued

Is There Really a Link Between Soy and Infertility?

For vegans and vegetarians, soy is a staple part of a healthy diet because it provides much-needed protein. Without sufficient amounts of protein, you’re likely to experience muscle loss, fatigue, low sex drive, anxiety, and depression. If you’re trying to have a baby, you’ve probably heard about a potential connection between soy and infertility. Are … Continued

5 Things to Expect When You Go for a Fertility Evaluation

Have you ever wondered how much goes into ovulation? You might be surprised how much impact your lifestyle and environment have on your fertility. Infertility has a lot to do with genetics and hormones, but other physical factors contribute to a woman having trouble conceiving. The father could also be a factor in infertility. When … Continued

Is Getting Pregnant at 40 Really Possible? (Hint: Yes!)

The world is changing. Women used to be trapped, forced to choose between a career and children. That meant having babies in our 20s, or as soon as possible. But today, women are becoming moms a little later in life. This means more and more women getting pregnant at 40. A lot of people think … Continued

How a Natural Fertility Aid Can Change Your Life

Infertility affects millions of women around the world. In the U.S., 10% of women have trouble getting pregnant. If you’re a woman struggling with infertility, you know how frustrating that issue can be. After a few cycles of failure, you may get discouraged. And fertility treatments can be costly, invasive, and often times ineffective. The … Continued

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Fertility Specialist

Problems with fertility aren’t uncommon for couples. It’s estimated that 15% of couples are unable to conceive after having unprotected sex for 12 months. If you’re going to see a fertility specialist for the first time, you have a lot of questions you want to ask them. There’s always time to talk with your specialist, … Continued

Is There a Link Between Caffeine and Fertility?

According to the CDC, 12% of all women have experienced infertility. Many of these women invest in a variety of fertility treatments in order to achieve their dream of motherhood.  Luckily, modern medical treatments like in vitro fertilization can help women get pregnant. But in addition to these therapies, it’s also important to consider how lifestyle … Continued

How It Works: The Cryopreservation of Embryos

Many women looking to get pregnant are beginning to take matters into their own hands, thanks to technology.  Through the cryopreservation of embryos, you’re able to freeze a developing fetus so that it can be implanted once you’re ready to get pregnant. This gives you time to plan out your professional life or otherwise wait … Continued

What Is a Hysteroscopy? Your Questions Answered

Do you suffer from abnormal vaginal bleeding? Do you have scarring from previous procedures? Has your doctor found tumors or polyps inside of your uterus? If so, your doctor may want you to undergo a hysteroscopy. Chances are you have a lot of questions. What is a hysteroscopy? How do these procedures work? We’re here … Continued

Understanding The Struggles of Infertility in Men

Infertility in men is a commonly occurring but seldom-discussed struggle that affects both men who suffer and their partners. In as many as half of infertile heterosexual couples, the male partner is infertile. Understanding the causes and struggles of infertility in men is important for couples looking to heal and take the next step in … Continued