Best Options for Treating Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Losing a pregnancy can be difficult and devastating. These feelings are magnified when a couple experiences multiple losses. Thankfully, effective treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss is possible. Preimplantation genetic screen can provide a couple with the healthy baby they’ve been waiting for.

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As many as 70 percent of pregnancies result in loss. That number may seem high, however, many losses happen before a woman even realizes she’s pregnant. Humans have 23 pairs ofchromosomes, one of each pair comes from each parent. Should the pairs not link up correctly, the embryo may not survive the earliest stages of development. In the majority of cases, this happens before a woman misses her period, meaning that she was unaware that she was pregnant. Because pregnancy testing is done so early with fertility treatment, women who otherwise would have been unaware know that they’ve experienced a pregnancy loss. The vast majority of pregnancy losses are due to genetic issues.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Treating recurrent pregnancy loss begins with preimplantation genetic testing. Usually, multiple losses means that there is a genetic defect that is preventing embryos from thriving. Testing embryos for chromosomal issues before they are implanted can help to ensure that only healthy embryos are transferred.

During IVF, embryos are monitored as they develop. This allows embryologists to determine the health of the embryos. Genetic testing takes this a step further. As embryos develop, a single cell is removed and is analyzed for chromosomal normalcy. The testing process does not harm the embryo and provides a wealth of information about the embryo’s health. Should an embryo be found to have a chromosomal issue, it is not transferred back into the mother. For couples who have concerns about specific genetic diseases, testing may be done to look for that specific genetic issue. This also provides a way for couples who are predisposed to certain diseases to avoid passing them down to future generations.

Top Treatment for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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