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An effective, honest approach to fertility care in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

At Kofinas Fertility Group, we’ll have an open discussion with you about every detail of your care. If we believe that you can have a biological child, even if it takes multiple cycles, we will generally approve you for in vitro fertilization (IVF).

We would never tell a couple that they don’t qualify simply because it may be a challenge. Our willingness to take on difficult cases is why thousands of couples, both inside and outside of New York, have chosen us for their fertility care.

Understanding your options for in vitro fertilization.

When discussing “success rates” in the world of fertility care, people are often talking about IVF success rates. It’s important to keep in mind that most couples struggling with fertility problems are able to sustain a viable pregnancy without IVF. However, when choosing a fertility clinic, it’s important to understand the lack of clarity that surrounds IVF success rates.

Confusion often stems from the fact that a number of factors besides physician skill and technological capability can affect the reported success rate of a fertility practice, such as:

  • Number of embryos transferred – Transferring more embryos leads to higher success rates, but also a higher risk of multiple babies.
  • Candidate selection policies – We don’t reject people simply because they have a lower chance of success.
  • Case classification – If a couple’s fertility situation is considered a medical challenge, some clinics will classify them as a research subject, excluding them from the clinic’s reported live birth rate.
  • Donor eggs – We won’t pressure you to use donor eggs if your chance of success isn’t the highest. While our donor egg program is a wonderful option for struggling couples, if you’d like to try with your own eggs, we’re committed to helping you realize your dreams.
  • Embryo cryopreservation – While IVF using frozen eggs has slightly lower success rates than fresh eggs, we’ll never discourage you from freezing your eggs simply to increase our numbers.

While a fertility clinic shouldn’t be defined by its success rates, we’re certainly proud of ours!

With the above information in mind, here are Kofinas Fertility Group’s preliminary success rates for 2015 compared to the 2015 national average. Every member clinic of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) must submit its success rates annually for public display. For a complete list of our success rates, please read our clinic summary report on SART.org.

NOTE: A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entry criteria for assisted reproductive technologies (ART) may vary from clinic to clinic.

In the tables below, we’ve included snippets of the data found on our clinic summary report and the national average. The percentages represent the number of people who take home a baby after deciding to undergo IVF.

Kofinas Fertility Group – 2015 (Preliminary) – Live Births per New Patient (Patient’s Own Eggs)

Woman’s Age < 35 35 – 37 38 – 40 41 – 42 > 42
Number of Patients 50 34 28 22 21
Live Births 70% 50% 25% 27.3% 4.8%


National Average — 2015 (Preliminary) – Live Births per New Patient (Patient’s Own Eggs)

Woman’s Age < 35 35 – 37 38 – 40 41 – 42 > 42
Number of Patients 31984 14396 12169 5570 3538
Live Births 56.7% 44.4% 30.7% 15.1% 4.5%


Hear from real people who found success at Kofinas Fertility Group…

“When I came to Kofinas Fertility Group for a second opinion, I was devastated and stressed that I would never have a baby of my own. Today, I’m sitting with two beautiful children… I am so thankful I made that appointment. You have made my dreams come true and I am forever grateful.”  Nicole O., patient


“Words cannot adequately express the gratitude that we feel for everything that you did to take care of us!” – Howie & Henia K., patients


“I must say that my entire time with Kofinas Fertility Group has been nothing but a wonderful experience.” – India L., patient


“The doctors at Kofinas Fertility Group are miracle workers and there are no words to describe what they mean to us.”  Donna, G., patient


“Words cannot express our gratitude for all Kofinas Fertility Group has done for us. Our son is the most amazing thing we have ever laid eyes on and they it made it all possible. They never gave up on us and for that, we will forever be grateful.”  Dean & Rachel Y., patients


For more information about our success in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, or to schedule an appointment, call (718) 340-3611. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form. Please read more reviews about our practice here.