5 Signs You Should Seek Fertility Testing

Are you and your partner trying to get you pregnant?

If so, you aren’t alone.

In 2015, there were nearly four million babies born in the United States.

Despite those figures, getting pregnant is not easy for everyone. If you have been struggling to become pregnant, it may be time to look for some assistance.

Let’s look at five signs that you should seek fertility testing.

Two or More Miscarriages

There is little that’s more heartbreaking for a couple trying to have a baby than the news of having a miscarriage.

While some chalk up a miscarriage to just being unlucky, but able to become pregnant. But that’s not always the case.

“In fact, having multiple miscarriages is a very specific type of fertility problem that affects 1-3% of all couples, said Dr. Jason G. Bromer, according to Shady Grove Fertility. The majority of miscarriages can be attributed to genetic abnormalities in the embryo, while other causes include hormonal problems like diabetes, thyroid disease, undetected structural problems in the uterus, and advanced reproductive age.”

You should look into fertility testing if you have had this unfortunate experience more than twice.

Trying For a While

If you have been trying to become for an extended period of time and have been unsuccessful, it may be time to have fertility testing.

But how long is “a while”?

Generally speaking, if you are under age 35 and been trying for a year or more, or alternatively, over age 35 and been trying for six months or more.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

If you or your partner has serious pre-existing health conditions, fertility testing should be considered.

These include health conditions like endometriosis, diabetes, and a low sperm count, among others.

Fertility testing can help you to understand how a health condition can impact your pregnancy. It can also help you with the potential health concerns that come with it, too.

Irregular Periods

Is there even such a thing as a “regular” period?

Unfortunately, for some women, their menstrual cycle is extra abnormal. If your period never comes at the same time (or the same general time), this can make becoming pregnant quite a challenge.

Fertility testing can help you and your partner better understands the “sweet spot” for you when it comes to trying.

Abnormal Sperm Count

If your partner had a sperm workup and it came back abnormal, you should seek fertility testing.

If your egg cannot be fertilized, becoming pregnant will be a major challenge or impossible.

Undergoing fertility testing after an abnormal sperm workup can help you learn about your situation.

Understanding When to Seek Fertility Testing

Fertility testing can be a tremendous tool for you and your partner as you seek to become pregnant.

Regardless of you and your partner’s concerns, an experienced fertility doctor knows what to look for and how to help you.

He or she may also be able to explain if your medications are playing into your inability to get pregnant!

If you live in or near New York and considering your fertility testing options, contact us at the Kofinas Fertility Group! We are here to help you and your partner!