4 Tips on Finding the Right Egg Donor to Start Your Family

Finding The Right Egg Donor

Health – Health – Health – Health: Focus on your donor’s health. Do not lose heart – the perfect egg donor is ready and willing to come to your assist. Let Kofinas Fertility Institute’s Egg Donation Program Coordinator provide you with the inspiration and tips to choose the right egg donor to help you start your family.

A reflection of gratitude for the gift of life . . .

Dearest Egg Donor,

As we approach the 2015 Holiday Season – thankfulness is on our mind. We want to express our gratitude for your egg donation to us last year at this time. Your generosity is only equal to the baby girl we receive joy from and cherish every day. – Forever Grateful Parents of Sylvia

Finding the Right Egg Donorfertility-drugs

  1. It is imperative that you research potential egg donors with your partner. This is a joint mission. Selecting your egg donor will be based upon the totality of the discussions you and your partner have during the process.
  2. Begin with a broad spectrum of characteristics selected from both you and your partner, but don’t be steadfast about these. Be advised, it is very common for people to begin with a list of preferred characteristics only to pick a donor that is completely different from their selected traits.
  3. Consume and digest all research that is available to you about the potential egg donor’s entire family. Remember, physical characteristics have a tendency to skip generations. For instance, a trait for height may be present in a member of the donor’s immediate family.
  4. Your future baby’s physical health – not his/her physical beauty – has overwhelmingly become today’s egg donation recipient’s focus upon. The concept of donor eggs is no longer a secret or taboo and, therefore, parents are selflessly unconcerned with whether or not their child resembles them physically.

Guidance from a First in the Practice of IVF Using Donor Eggs

Kofinas Fertility Institute – founded by Dr. George Kofinas in 1987 – remains one of the foremost internationally recognized pioneering doctors of today’s IVF donor egg technology.

  • Kofinas was the first doctor in New York City to establish an egg donation program
  • Kofinas proudly graced the first accomplished birth in New York City from donated eggs
  • Kofinas established New York City’s first egg (oocyte) cryopreservation program – America’s family preservation program

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