3 Things to Do When Picking a Fertility Specialist

You’ve been trying to have a baby with no avail.  You’ve been trying for a year if you’ve under 35 and at least 6 months if you’ve over but have had no luck conceiving.  It might be time to consider a fertility clinic for diagnosis and potentially infertility treatments.  But when there are so many different fertility specialists to choose from how to you pick which one is best to help you grow your family.  The number one reason to choose a fertility clinic over working with strictly an OB/Gyn is because a fertility doctor can work with both partners, not just the woman, in order to address the cause of the infertility.  They also can have a wider range of tools available to them to treat infertility.  These tips will help you to narrow down the best fertility specialist for you.  


Check the Numbers

A great place to start is with the Center of Disease Control.  That’s right.  The CDC keeps tabs on all the fertility clinics across the United States and their overall success rates per treatment type.  While important, the charts are not the be all, end all.  You want to look for a clinic that has success rates at least above the national average and provides a variety of treatment types.  This is because one treatment does not fit all when it come to infertility.  These rates do depend on a lot of different factors including the quality of the egg and age of the woman so look at the charts critical and while they should be a good starting guide, take them with a grain of salt.


Ask the Questions

When meeting with a fertility doctor, treat it like an interview.  You are trying to find someone who will be the right fit so make sure to ask the right questions.  When you are talking make sure they are respectful and listen.  You’ll want someone with a bedside manner that works for you.  Perhaps even someone who shows hope and makes you feel hopeful as well.  Make sure to ask tough questions concerning what treatment options are available and who gets to decide on the number of embryos implanted if you decide IVF is a good option.  These questions will give you an idea of how the doctor will treat you and whether or not they’re interested in what is truly best for you.  Consider whether or not you want to go with a larger clinic or a smaller one.  Both have pros and cons, though many women point out that they feel like less of a number with a smaller clinic.  


Talk to Your Insurance

This one’s a toughy.  You obviously want the best doctor no matter the cost but sometimes that can be a factor.  Make sure to check with your insurance and that any benefits you may receive through them can be used with your fertility specialist.  If this is a non-issue as many insurances do not even offer fertility treatment coverage, ask about costs and know what you can and are willing to do ahead of time.