3 More Foods That Boost Male Fertility (And 2 To Give Up)

It takes two to tango. We all know that, but when the subject of infertility comes up, the default belief seems to be that the issue is on the woman’s side of things. We have a problem with that, and we strongly believe that when battling infertility, everyone needs to do their part.

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about 5 common foods that are great when it comes to boosting male potency. For guys, the good news is that there are numerous foods out there you can add to your diet that will ramp up your virility. Keep reading for 3 more of these superfoods, and 2 to cut back on.

  1. We’ll start with an easy one. There are numerous benefits to drinking water throughout the day, but remember that semen is water based, and drinking lots of H2O will increase ejaculate and sperm production.
  2. Pomegranates are a literal superfood, considering the many benefits they have. They improve blood circulation, lower inflammation, and reduce your risk of heart disease. They also boost testosterone, sex drive, and improve sperm quality.
  3. Chocolate is great, but dark chocolate is really great. That’s because it’s a solid source of L-arginine, an amino acid known for increasing sperm motility, count, and overall ejaculate volume. The darker the better, but remember that a little goes a long way.
  4. We all love coffee, but an American study showed that higher amounts of caffeine consumption can reduce the chances of conception during IVF. While you don’t need to cut out java entirely, stick to one quality cup daily.
  5. Diet sodas and sodas of any kind aren’t great for virility. The diet stuff is loaded with aspartame, which can cause lower sperm count and sperm damage.