Why More and More Women are Freezing Their Eggs

You might not believe this but the fact is, more and more women are turning to egg freezing as a way to take back control of when and how they get pregnant. If this is an option you might be thinking about pursuing, read on to find out more about why more women are undergoing egg freezing procedures.

What is egg freezing?

First off, what is this procedure? It seems like something out of science fiction!

Well, until relatively recently, it actually was. Even though the procedure was invented almost 30 years ago, it was only back in 2009 that egg freezing really took off. It was a viable alternative for women looking to prioritize other things in their lives first but are mindful of their biological clocks.

Basically, it’s a process that, using hormones in much the same way that the standard birth control does, allows doctors to control when your eggs are released.

Only instead of harmlessly passing them with your period, you undergo a light medical procedure to actually capture them. Then, they’re immediately taken to the lab and the cryo-vials are dropped in liquid nitrogen and frozen in seconds.

When you’re ready to begin thinking about kids, your eggs are thawed and with in-vitro fertilization, you’re impregnated with your own eggs.

And that’s it!

Why are women freezing their eggs?

When women who have opted for this procedure, their reasons vary. But over time, few key reasons have emerged.

They’re just not ready to have kids

One of the most common reason is that they’re worried about their fertility, but for whatever reason, they’re just not ready to have kids. In general, people are waiting longer to settle down. More women going to university and entering high tier careers. And having children simply isn’t a top priority when women are their most fertile — they’re busy with other stuff.

They want to keep their options open

With the decision of putting off having kids, more and more women are questioning whether they want kids all together. However, like any major decision, it’s easy to be plagued by insecurities and uncertainty.

Egg freezing is seen as a relatively simple way to hedge if you decide you want kids later.

It’s the right moment biologically but not emotionally

Obviously, there are not that many women who are either entirely against having children or entirely dedicated to their career in the short term. Many who choose to undergo an egg freezing procedure sit somewhere in the middle.

Basically, the time that is best for their bodies to start thinking about kids isn’t the time that they themselves are ready. They might want to settle down with a partner first and haven’t found one who they’re serious enough with to have children. Or they might be struggling to establish themselves financially.

Whatever the reason, many women are simply not prepared to have kids when their biological clocks tell them to. But that doesn’t mean they want to take the option off the table. Egg freezing offers the best of both worlds.

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