Why a Minimal Stimulation IVF Plan Could Be Your Best Option

Fertility treatment has continually evolved over the past few decades. In vitro fertilization (IVF) has successfully helped many couples become parents. Once done by a sole protocol that relied heavily upon fertility medication, IVF has a number of protocols now that can address a number of treatment needs. One of the advancements was the introduction of a minimal stimulation IVF plan, these plans work by significantly reducing the amount of fertility medication used. A minimal stimulation IVF plan is able to address the needs of many women while providing some key benefits.

Benefits of a Minimal Stimulation IVF Plan

Women are selecting minimal stimulation IVF in increasing numbers. This IVF protocol uses the same procedures as traditional IVF. A woman’s body is stimulated to produce eggs. Then, those eggs are harvested, fertilized in a lab, and monitored. Finally, an embryo is implanted into the mother’s uterus for implantation.

The difference of minimal stimulation IVF is that the process uses small amounts of fertility medication to gently stimulate the body. The process is more comfortable for the woman as there are fewer side effects from the fertility medication. This is the result of using gentler medications as well as smaller amounts. Further, minimal stimulation IVF uses far fewer injectable medications. The minimal stimulation protocol is much less likely to result in the development of OHSS. Another important thing to consider is that a minimal stimulation protocol can be substantially less expensive, particularly for those who are paying for treatment out of pocket. Fertility medication is a large part of the overall cost of treatment. When less medication is used, the overall cost of IVF decreases, making treatment more affordable.

Choosing Minimal Stimulation

Deciding if a minimal stimulation IVF plan is right for you should be done with the assistance of your fertility care team. These individuals can provide recommendations based on your specific health needs. To find out if you’re a candidate for minimal stimulation IVF, contact the Kofinas Fertility Group today.

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