Who Should Undergo Pre Genetic Testing?

Pre genetic testing (PGT) is the procedure of removing one or two cells from an embryo and screening these cells for the presence of a genetic disorder. This process is performed in conjunction with the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure and is performed by an embryologist while the patient’s embryos are developing in a laboratory setting.

Recommended Pre genetic Testing

Dr. George Kofinas recommends pre genetic testing in conjunction with IVF for:

  • Patients having a genetic disorder
  • Patients having a partner with a genetic disorder
  • Patients who are dormant carriers of a genetic disorder
  • Patients whose partner is a dormant carrier of a genetic disorder
  • Patients who have experienced recurrent miscarriage
  • Patients who are in an advanced maternal age
  • Patients who have been diagnosed with poorly functioning ovaries
  • Patients who have experienced multiple infertility treatment failures
  • All patients who are able to afford pre genetic testing costs

Dr. Kofinas believes that PGT is invaluable for all patients undergoing IVF.

Benefits of Pre Genetic Testing

Before you have your embryos transferred to your uterus for implantation by way of the IVF procedure, you should have your embryos tested for genetic disorders in order to receive the optimal benefits of IVF.

Pre genetic testing affords you the opportunity to only have a genetically healthy embryo transferred into your uterus in conjunction with your IVF procedure.

A genetically healthy embryo will have the optimal chance of implanting into your uterine lining and developing into a healthy baby.

A Pre genetic Testing Specialist

Dr. George Kofinas and his staff of doctors and embryologist at Kofinas Fertility Institute specialize in state of the art pre genetic testing techniques in conjunction with the IVF process.

To receive the answers to the questions you have about the benefits of pre genetic testing, contact Kofinas Fertility Institute.