Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatments vs Normal IVF Treatments

You are seeking information about minimal stimulation IVF treatments versus normal IVF treatments in order to determine your most successful and cost effective means of achieving pregnancy. Kofinas Fertility Institute has prepared this basic comparison of the two medical procedures so that you can be clear on your infertility treatment options.

Advantages of Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatmentsegg_donation_clinics_in_Brooklyn

The main advantage of minimal stimulation IVF treatments is that this procedure is less expensive than normal IVF treatments because the patient does not incur the medication costs involved with the standard IVF cycle – albeit less eggs may be produced and retrieved.

Kovinas Fertility Institute offers the following IVF fees for services exclusive of diagnostic testing costs, medication costs, cycle monitoring costs, and anesthesiologist fees:

  • Standard IVF Cycle Option – $6,000
  • Affordable IVF Cycle Option (natural and minimal stimulation cycles) – $5,000
Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatments

A minimal stimulation cycle involves the use of a combination of oral and low dose injectable medication.

Minimal stimulation IVF treatments are focused upon retrieving a few high quality eggs and reducing the risk of ovary hyperstimulation caused by high dose injectable medications.

Treatment Regimens for Natural and Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatments

Minimal stimulation IVF treatments do require the same prescribed aspects of the normal IVF procedure such as:

  • Frequent office visits to monitor the patient’s cycle
  • An outpatient surgical procedure to retrieve the patient’s eggs
  • Lab work by the IVF laboratory for embryo development
  • Embryo transfer

A Premier Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment Clinic

A premier minimal stimulation IVF treatment clinic will be one that is very sensitive to the emotional, physical, and financial stress those who are trying to get pregnant are undergoing.

Kofinas Fertility Institute has successfully managed the treatment of thousands of infertile patients since it was founded by Dr. George Kofinas in 1987.

Kofinas Fertility Institute has successfully developed several efficiencies and has taken advantage of recent breakthrough technologies in order to alleviate the cost of fertility treatment – like natural and minimal stimulation IVF treatments.

To receive the answers to any questions you have about minimal stimulation IVF treatments versus normal IVF treatments, please contact the premier fertility center – Kofinas Fertility Institute.