IVF Cycle With Donor Eggs vs. IVF Cycle With Own Eggs

After the age of 37, many fertility clinics won’t conduct IVF with the woman’s own eggs because of their poor quality. A woman’s egg quality is compromised when she is over 35 and declines precipitously after age 37.

IVF Cycle With Your Own Eggs

Time is of the essence if you want to use your own eggs for IVF. After the age of 37 – and depending upon the quality of your eggs at the age of 35 – your doctor may not be willing to use them in your IVF cycle.

IVF Cycle With Donor Eggs

If your doctor has determined that your egg quality is compromising to the success of the IVF procedure or to the health of the child, you still have the option of obtaining the eggs of a younger woman to be used in your IVF procedure – Donor Egg IVF Treatment Option.

Egg donation at Kofinas Fertility Institute has been highly successful in the treatment of women:

  • Who have delayed pregnancy into their late 30s or early 40s.
  • Who have had their own ovaries removed or whose ovaries fail to function.
  • Who have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive despite undergoing the most advanced infertility treatment.
  • Women who do not want to pass along a genetic disease to their children.
  • Same sex couples who desire donor eggs combined with surrogacy to have a baby.
  • The most effective treatment for infertility due to decreased ovary function is through the use of donor eggs.

Leading Egg Donor Program

For over 25 years, Dr. George Kofinas has advanced the research and development of the IVF cycle procedure using donor eggs.

  • Dr. Kofinas has achieved remarkable success in IVF cycle treatments using donor eggs.
  • He believes that IVF cycle treatment through egg donation will be successful in treating infertility in the foreseeable future.
  • Success rates will increase with the continuing evolution of IVF cycle treatments using donor eggs.
  • Known egg donors can be selected by the intended parents through people they know or have been referred to in order to seek out donor eggs.
  • Anonymous egg donors can be selected through Kofinas Fertility Institute’s Egg Donor Program.

Kofinas Fertility Institute’s Egg Donor Program

Kofinas Fertility Institute has performed hundreds of IVF cycles using donor eggs since 1990. Ninety percent of patients have selected anonymous donor eggs through its Egg Donor Program.

Improved genetic testing technologies that became available in December of 2014 are now routinely used as part of Kofinas’ donor egg screening process.

According to Dr. Kofinas,

“Our donor recruitment efforts are active, ongoing, and our stock of immediately available donors is robust.”

Begin your search for your egg donor today and let Kofinas Fertility Institute’s Egg Donor Program help you have a baby as soon as possible.