How Much Does an IUI Cycle Cost?

People who are unable to naturally conceive a baby are often under the mistaken belief that infertility treatment is beyond their financial means. Fortunately, most patients at Kofinas Fertility Institute – founded by Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) specialist Dr. George Kofinas in 1987 – have successfully achieve pregnancy through intrauterine insemination (IUI) also referred to as artificial insemination.

IUI Cycle Treatment for Infertility

One of the most used medical procedures for treating infertility is IUI – intrauterine insemination – a proven method of increasing a woman’s chance of successfully achieving pregnancy. IUI is performed in the doctor’s office and requires no anesthesia.

According to Dr. George Kofinas – a pioneering practitioner of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) who has successfully treated thousands of women for their infertility by way of IUI for over 30 years – the IUI procedure has progressively been made more affordable to those needing assistance with conceiving a baby.

IUI Cycle Cost

Through Kofinas Fertility Institute’s IUI Cycle Program – costing $2,500 – you will receive the following treatment in order to enhance your chance of becoming pregnant:

  • Individual Protocol Injection Teaching Cycle Monitoring
  • Ultrasounds Hormones Testing Sperm Washing
  • One – Two Inseminations, One Pregnancy Test

The patient’s egg growth is stimulated during her monthly cycle through an oral medication – typically Clomid – alone or Clomid in combination with a low dose of Gonadotropin (FSH/LH) injections.

The doctor monitors the patient’s egg growth through daily pelvic ultrasounds and blood level hormone testing.

Once the patient’s eggs are at a prime stage of growth and development, she will receive an injection of HCG – an ovulation trigger medication – in order to induce ovulation.

The patient’s male partner’s sperm specimen is produced at home or in the doctor’s office (or frozen donor sperm is retrieved) and prepared in a laboratory setting using special viability enhancement solutions.

The semen specimen is washed and prepared before being inserted into the woman’s uterus using an insemination catheter.

Costs Not Covered in the IUI Cycle Program

  • Diagnostic Testing Medication Costs
  • Cryopreservation of Sperm Thawing and Preparation
  • Follow-up visits during early pregnancy

A financial counselor at Kofinas Fertility Institute can assist you in determining your expected costs and expenses for your upcoming IUI Cycle.