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Trust Kofinas Fertility Group to discover your fertility problems with advanced imaging technology.

At Kofinas Fertility Group in New York, we’re able to incorporate advanced imaging techniques into your fertility assessment process in order to give us a clear view of your reproductive system and identify any abnormalities that could be causing fertility issues. We purchase only the best equipment available and are well trained in its use, which allows us to collect the most accurate and useful diagnostic information possible. With a clear picture of your reproductive tract, we have a strong basis for identifying your problem, solving your fertility issues, and giving you the family you’ve always wanted.

Noninvasive ultrasound exams help us solve your fertility issues.

Adhesions and abnormal growths, such as fibroids and polyps, can develop within the uterine cavity and cause or contribute to fertility problems. Using a noninvasive ultrasound technique called hysterosonography, our doctors can view the inside of your uterus in real time and detect any abnormalities. And when we say “our doctors,” we mean that literally –– your fertility specialist will be the one performing your hysterosonogram, never a technician.

Because hysterosonograms use ultrasound waves to develop a moving image, they are best viewed in real time, not as still images provided to your physician after the exam. With our doctors controlling the ultrasound, they can control the focus of the images and investigate anything suspicious immediately during the exam. This helps maintain the high-quality care standard set by Kofinas Fertility Group, and it contributes to our excellent diagnostic and treatment success.

Customizing your treatment plan with X-ray technology.

Another advanced imaging technique used by Kofinas Fertility Group is a hysterosalpingogram. By pointing a steady beam of X-rays at the reproductive tract to create a live image, we can identify damage, blockages, abnormal uterus shape, and other potential problems with your fertility. Our doctors will fill your uterus with a radiographic contrast agent and watch its distribution via the X-ray image. By doing so, we can evaluate the function of your reproductive tract.

Finding out the cause(s) of your fertility problems in a precise, reliable manner is what’s most important to us during these exams. Every possible step will be taken to ensure your comfort while delivering accurate results. We will carefully walk you through each exam, and because we have some of the best talent available, you can trust us to figure out the optimal solution to your problems while giving you the compassionate care that we’re known for.

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