Do Doctors Offer Guaranteed Success IVF Programs?

Financial concerns are one of the primary reasons couples are apprehensive about fertility treatment. Because fertility treatments are often not covered by insurance, many couples worry that they will have to address both the financial and emotional aspects of unsuccessful treatment. Guaranteed IVF success programs provide couples with the assurance that they can proceed with fertility treatment without worrying about the financial aspects.

Kofinas Fertility Group

Kofinas Fertility is one of the premier centers that offers guaranteed IVF success programs. Each couple must qualify for the program medically. Once qualified, the program offers:

  • As many as three IVF cycles using their own eggs or donor eggs
  • As many frozen embryo transfers as needed until a viable pregnancy( 14 weeks gestation) is achieved or all frozen embryos are used
  • A full refund of the program fee if the couple does not achieve a 14 weeks viable pregnancy as a result of the treatment

Guaranteed IVF Program Acceptance

Acceptance into the guaranteed IVF program is based on a variety of medical factors. In order to determine eligibility, a number of diagnostic tests are performed. These are the same tests that are used to fully diagnose the root cause of a fertility issue. In order to qualify for the program, a couple must:

  • Be able to complete all IVF cycles before the woman’s 38th birthday or be willing to use donor eggs
  • Have acceptable day 3 hormone test results
  • Have a normal uterus
  • Have a normal BMI
  • Be a non smoker and not a user of recreational drugs
  • Have no more than two previous IVF cycles
  • Be open to freezing embryos
  • Have a normal sperm count or be open to the use of donor sperm

Acceptance into the program is done at the discretion of Kofinas Fertility Group and is based on each couple’s fertility potential.

Guaranteed IVF Programs Coverage

The fees for the guaranteed program covers:

  • Egg retrieval
  • Embryo transfer
  • Lab services
  • ICSI for fertilization when needed
  • Embryo freezing
  • Up to six months of embryo storage
  • Ultrasound and blood test to verify pregnancy

Other costs may be incurred outside of what is covered by the program including medication.

For additional information on the guaranteed success IVF program, contact Kofinas Fertility Group. We are here to help you start a family.