Which Treatment Option is Best When Trying to Get Pregnant After 40

Getting Pregnant After 40

Women who are over 40 can get pregnant through Donor Egg IVF Treatment at Kofinas Fertility Institute. Do not be disheartened if Dr. George Kofinas recommends that you use donor eggs instead of your own. Using donor eggs will increase your chances of conceiving and carrying your baby to full term.

Getting Pregnant After 40

You’re over 40 and . . .

  • You are wise. Moms in their advanced maternal years are better educated than young women and generally make wiser parenting decisions.
  • You are experienced. Moms in their 40s have taken the time to become self-aware, attained personal growth, and view the world from a mature level.
  • You are financially secure. Women over 40 have taken the time to increase their earnings over every year that they have postponed child rearing. These women are secure in their careers and partnering relationship.

Donor Egg IVF Treatment

painful-periodsToday’s phenomenal In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technology using donor eggs has successfully increased the chances of women over 40 having a baby.

  • Donor eggs offer the highest pregnancy and delivery rates of any other fertility treatment.
  • Donor eggs give a woman the opportunity to carry her baby to full term and give birth.

Celebrated Donor Egg IVF Treatment Provider

For over two decades, Dr. George Kofinas has been successfully treating women through donor egg IVF and is renowned for:

  • Establishing the first Egg Donation Program in New York City
  • Accomplishing the first live birth in New York City through donor egg IVF treatment

Discover how your chances of pregnancy after 40 have been increased dramatically through the donor egg IVF treatment option at Kofinas Fertility Institute. Dr. George Kofinas invites you to take advantage of modern science’s phenomenal In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technology using donor eggs.

It is possible – you, too, can be a mom after 40.