What is Evaluated During a Male Fertility Exam?

Male Fertility Exam

Just as for a woman, a male fertility exam at Kofinas Fertility Institute will be one that is all-encompassing to help you, your partner, and your doctor decide upon the most effective and cost-efficient treatment necessary for you to finally conceive a baby. Based upon the results of your fertility evaluation, your individualized treatment protocol will be designed by Dr. George Kofinas to fit your special circumstances.

how_much_does_infertility_treatment_costA standard male fertility exam begins with a physical examination along with medical and sexual histories of both the male and his female partner.

Individualized infertility treatment protocols for male infertility vary in range:

  • Corrective Reproductive Surgeries
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) using patient’s sperm or donor sperm
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) using patient’s sperm or donor sperm

Male Fertility Exam

In 30 percent of cases where couples cannot get pregnant, the cause is due to male factor infertility resulting from:

  • Structural abnormalities,
  • Sperm production disorders,
  • Ejaculatory disturbances, or
  • Immunologic disorders

There are many variations of male factor infertility:

  • Sperm are produced in low numbers
  • Sperm are abnormal in shape
  • Sperm are not able to move well

These male factors are indicative of infertility because the man’s sperm is not able to swim toward, penetrate, and fertilize the woman’s egg during ovulation.

A semen analysis is performed through testing in Kofinas Fertility Institute’s on-site state-of-the-art Andrology laboratory.

  • The semen sample can be produced in the patient’s home or in the doctor’s office,
  • The semen sample will be analyzed for the amount and viability of the sperm found in the specimen, and
  • A second semen analysis may be performed in order to determine a correct diagnosis and direction for treatment.

An abnormal semen is a test is suggestive of the likelihood that achieving pregnancy without medical treatment is statistically low. This is a crucial test because both concentration and motility of sperm are required for fertility.

Leading Provider of Male Infertility Treatment

A finding of an abnormal semen specimen through testing and analysis will be followed up with a second test and analysis in order to diagnose the cause of the male’s infertility and to formulate a treatment plan that will resolve the male’s infertility factor.

Dr. George Kofinas specializes in diagnosing and correcting male factor infertility. Discover whether male factor infertility is the reason you cannot conceive a baby by scheduling a consultation for a fertility exam at the  Kofinas Fertility Group.