What is Evaluated During a Female Fertility Exam?

Female Fertility Exam

A standard female fertility exam begins with a physical examination along with medical and sexual histories of both herself and her male partner. The male partner will also undergo a semen analysis to determine whether his infertility may be a factor in the couple’s inability to conceive a baby.

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After gathering and analyzing your medical and sexual histories – and ruling out male infertility as a factor – Dr. George Kofinas will recommend the most effective and cost-efficient diagnostic testing method to determine the probable cause of your infertility.

Female Fertility Exam Testing Methods

An Ovulatory Function Evaluation is a procedure that determines whether or not you are ovulating regularly. Dr. George Kofinas evaluates your ovulatory function through blood tests that detect hormone levels and ultrasound exams by which he can view the physical state of your ovaries.

A Hysterosonography (HSN) is a more sophisticated ultrasound by which Dr. Kofinas will fill your uterine cavity with saline and view the reproductive structure of your uterus through sound waves. A sono HSG will also allow the doctor the use saline and carbonation to see the uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes.

A Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray of your fallopian tubes and uterus. Dr. Kofinas will inject a radiographic dye that flows through your fallopian tubes and uterus allowing him to see blockages.

An Endometrial Biopsy is a test that will allow Dr. Kofinas to detect whether your uterine lining is accepting of an embryo for implantation. The doctor will remove a small sample of your endometrium and have it analyzed in the laboratory for imbalanced hormones or other structural problems.

A Laparoscopy is the most common testing and corrective procedure utilized by Dr. Kofinas because it enables him to examine your ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes. The doctor will insert a fiber optic telescopic medical device into your abdomen to view your reproductive organs. During this procedure, Dr. Kofinas is able to diagnose and also treat conditions such as removing endometriosis or cysts.

A Hysteroscopy is a procedure used by Dr. Kofinas to examine the endometrium on a video screen for diagnostic and treatment purposes. A thin and lighted camera is used to project the view of your uterus on a screen. Scar tissue and other congenital disorders – fibroid and polyps – are easily detected and treated.

Post-Female Fertility Exam

After diagnosing the most probable cause of your inability to conceive and/or carry a pregnancy to full-term, Dr. George Kofinas will design an effective and cost-efficient treatment protocol specific to you and your partner’s needs. The infertility treatment options you can expect will vary in complexity and expense.

Prominent Female Fertility Exam Provider

For over 30 years, Dr. George Kofinas – founder and medical director of Kofinas Fertility Institute – has been providing successful female fertility exam and treatment services to those who have been struggling to have a baby. To receive the answers to the questions you have about what will happen during your upcoming fertility exam, contact Kofinas Fertility Group.