What Does Artificial Insemination Cost?

Paying for fertility treatment is at the forefront of many individual’s minds as they consider treatment. Fertility procedures are not always covered by insurance, requiring that people pay out of pocket for care. Many people believe that financially, fertility treatments are out of reach, making their dreams of becoming a parent difficult to achieve. Thankfully, there are a number of affordable treatment options that can address a number of needs. Artificial insemination cost can be affordable and an effective means of addressing your fertility issues.

Artificial Insemination Costsuccessful-artificial-insemination

Kofinas Fertility Group, conveniently located in Brooklyn, is NYC’s leading provider of fertility care. Their one cycle artificial insemination program is offered at a price of $2,500. This includes:

  • Creation of a personalized treatment plan
  • Instruction on administering medication
  • Monitoring throughout the cycle using ultrasound
  • Blood work to evaluate hormone levels
  • Preparation of sperm for fertility treatment
  • Insemination as a single procedure or a dual procedure
  • Pregnancy test after the cycle

There are other costs that should be considered. Other costs that you may experience are the cost of medication. Additionally, testing to identify the root cause of your difficulty conceiving are not included in the above.

Determining Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment programs available to address your specific care needs. If your fallopian tubes are open, artificial insemination is a great way to begin fertility care. However, this treatment method is not well suited for everyone. The best way to know your specific needs and the best treatment options for your needs is to speak with a fertility expert. This individual can review your medical history and test results to provide you with a uniquely tailored program to address your needs. Kofinas Fertility Group offers affordable treatment programs to address the needs of many budgets and also has financing options.

For further information on artificial insemination cost or your individual out of pocket cost given your insurance coverage, contact a member of the Kofinas Fertility Group today. We are here to help you start a family.