Is Financing IVF Treatment Possible?

Yes, you can absolutely obtain financing for your IVF treatment. Because IVF is the most expensive of the various methods for treating infertility today, Kofinas Fertility Institute offers a vast array of financing options and payment programs – from lower cost minimal stimulation IVF (natural IVF) – to the more expensive standard IVF cycle.

Extraordinarily, Kofinas Fertility Institute also extends its very generous Insured Success – Guaranteed – Program for IVF cycles using either your own eggs or donor eggs.

Financing IVF Treatment

A quality provider of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) will provide emotional, medical, and financial assistance to all patients.

  • Provides one-on-one infertility financial counseling to clients
  • Fully informs patients about treatment options
  • Ensures that all patients are fully informed about treatment costs and expenses
  • Discusses all payment programs that the clinic provides to make treatment affordable
  • Provides assistance in exploring all insurance coverage and benefits for patients as well as helping with the processing of claims filings
  • Reviews the costs and expenses of any considered medical treatment after insurance coverage is exhausted, including deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance

Financing IVF Treatment at Kofinas Fertility Institute

It is Dr. George Kofinas’ philosophy that every patient seeking IVF treatment will be provided with an individual protocol that pursues the least stressful and intrusive treatment at an affordable and manageable cost.

There are several different affordable IVF options available to you in order to enhance and improve the success of your upcoming procedure at an affordable cost.

  • Financing IVF Treatment Through 100% Refund Guarantee Programs
  • Insured Success IVF 100% Refund Guarantee Program

Financing for your upcoming IVF treatment is possible through programs that offer you an Insured Success IVF 100% Refund Guarantee Program – like the following plans that are extended as payment options by KofinasFertility Institute.

  • Using your Own Eggs in 4 fresh IVF cycles – $33,000
  • Using Anonymous Donor Eggs in 3 fresh IVF cycles – $35,000
  • Using Known Donor Eggs in 3 fresh IVF cycles – $33,000
  • Using your own eggs, you are offered up to 4 fresh IVF cycles (3 fresh cycles using donor eggs) and unlimited frozen embryo transfers until your embryo supply is depleted.

When your frozen embryos supply is depleted and a baby has not been delivered, your money will be refunded to you.

Personal Financial Counseling at Kofinas Fertility Institute

Because he has been a founding specialist promoting a patient-focused practice in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for over 30 years – Dr. Kofinas has strived to ensure that the doctors and staff at Kofinas Fertility Institute will guide you step by step through the financing of your entire IVF experience.

Don’t presuppose that you cannot afford IVF treatment – it is possible at Kofinas Fertility Group.