How to Cope With Infertility Problems

Dealing with infertility is a challenging point in a woman’s life. Many women spend most of their early lives hoping to become a mother some day. When a woman is unable to get or stay pregnant, it can make you feel like a failure.

The inability to get pregnant or stay pregnant can take an emotional toll.

If you’re dealing with infertility, you’re not alone. More than 6.1 million women in the U.S. deal with fertility issues.

While infertility can send you on an emotional rollercoaster, don’t let it control your life. Read on to learn how to cope with infertility.

5 Signs Infertility Has Taken Over Your Life

Do you go to sleep and wake up thinking about infertility? If so, you may be suffering from anxiety or depression caused by infertility.

Here are signs that infertility has taken over your life.

  1. All you think about is infertility.
  2. You often talk about infertility to friends and family members.
  3. You feel guilty about not being able to get or remain pregnant.
  4. You feel ashamed or worthless.
  5. You’ve experienced depression for weeks.

If infertility has hijacked your life, now is the time to learn how to cope with infertility. Living a life of sadness and guilt can cause further depression and emotional issues.

How to Cope With Infertility

Knowing how to cope with infertility will allow you to live a happier life. Here are 5 ways to cope with the situation.

1. Accept Your Feelings

We all cope in different ways.

Dealing with infertility can make you feel depressed, guilty, and worthless. The key to coping is accepting these feelings.

It’s normal to have a negative emotional response. Allow yourself time to grieve and to accept the situation. Don’t chastise yourself during this emotional time.

2. Talk About Your Thoughts and Feelings

Isolating yourself makes it harder to cope. Instead of bottling your emotions and thoughts in your head, find ways to express them.

Consider writing in a diary. You can sort your feelings and thoughts on paper.

Have someone in your life that you trust? Try talking to this person about how you’re feeling and thinking. Sometimes sharing with a friend or family member can be a huge relief.

You could also join an infertility support group.

Support groups provide a safe environment to talk about your emotions. Those in the group understand your feelings and can help you through this trying time.

3. Don’t Blame Yourself

When you’re down, it’s easy to blame yourself for the situation.

Maybe you could have taken better care of yourself. Maybe you should have waited to try to have children. These negative thinking patterns make matter much worse.

Remember that infertility isn’t your fault. You cannot change a decision you made in the past. Now is the time to focus on the present and the future.

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