How To Calculate Your IVF Due Date By Date of Transfer

Once you’ve had your embryo transfer, it’s common to wonder “when will I be due?” An IVF due date calculator can help you understand what your estimated due date would be based on your transfer date or other information about your cycle.

Due Date Calculation

Doctors estimate that a pregnancy will take 280 days, commonly referred to as 40 weeks. This time is from the beginning of the cycle when the woman became pregnant. Because many women do not know the exact date they became pregnant, doctors usually estimate a woman’s due date by adding 280 days to the first day of their last menstrual period.

An IVF due date calculator does this calculation slightly differently. Because women who have IVF know exactly when their egg was fertilized, they are able to make a better informed calculation to arrive at a more accurate due date.

For individuals who know when conception occurred, the due date may be calculated by adding 266 days to the conception date.

  • When three day embryos are transferred, add 263 days to the transfer date.
  • When five day embryos are transferred, add 261 days to the transfer date.

Online IVF Due Date Calculators

While the calculation of due date can be done manually, you will find a variety of resources online that can make the calculation for you. Look for an IVF due date calculator that allows you to choose between a 3 day embryo transfer and a 5 day embryo transfer. This way, you have a calculation that provides your due date based upon your specific information. When using an IVF due date calculator, your due date may be received by providing the following information

  • The age of embryos when transferred
  • The date of the transfer

Once you begin having prenatal doctor’s visits, your obstetrician will confirm your estimated due date based on a variety of information including how your baby is measuring at the time.

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