How To Calculate an Embryo Transfer Due Date

It’s the day that your embryo has been transferred! Your embryo transfer date can help you to calculate your baby’s due date. Additionally, by calculating your embryo transfer due date, you can now discover many precious fetal growth development stages.

Two Stages of Development

There are two stages of embryo development which are calculated from the date the egg has been retrieved and fertilized with the sperm. These two stages are:

  • Cleavage stage = three days after fertilization, and
  • Blastocyst stage = five to six days after fertilization.

Embryo Transfer Due Date – 5 day Blastocyst Stage

The general rule of thumb is that your conception date is considered 5 days before your transfer date. Your embryo transfer due date is 38 weeks after your conception date.

If your blastocyst stage – 5 day – embryo was transfer on July 1, 2016, then your due date is March 19, 2017, if you are pregnant with a singleton baby. Should you be pregnant with twins, they will be born earlier, around February 25, 2017.

To discover remarkable growth development milestones that your baby is undergoing while you are pregnant, perform a Google search of embryo transfer due date. You will locate several websites that will allow you to find out when you can expect these milestones:

  • Trimester stages
  • Beginning of second and third trimesters
  • Prenatal testing dates
  • CVS, nuchal translucency, amniocentesis, gestational diabetes

Approximate stages of fetal development

  • Limbs begin to form
  • Cardiac contraction begins
  • Heartbeat detected
  • Brain waves appear
  • Movement begins, and
  • When your baby may begin thumb sucking!

Personalized Care Throughout Each Stage of Treatment

At Kofinas Fertility Institute – founded by pioneering doctor of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Dr. George Kofinas in 1987 – the focus of personal patient care is a first priority throughout the clinic. Dr. George Kofinas is a nationally prominent practitioner of ART and has guided his patients on an individual basis from their first consultation appointment through the expectant mother’s embryo transfer due date.

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