How Can I Reduce the Risk of Multiple Pregnancies?

Your efforts to overcome infertility and become pregnant involves the overwhelming task of making decisions about Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Because your ART decisions will have an effect on your health before, during, and after pregnancy – especially if you become pregnant with multiples – you must know the implications of all of your choices.

eSET and How It Will Reduce the Risk of Multiple Pregnancy


The best choices when undergoing infertility treatment are based upon complete knowledge of your options and selecting the one that is compatible with your values and beliefs about pregnancy, childbearing, and parenting.

Dr. George Kofinas is a pioneer in the practice of ART who favors eSET (Elective Single Embryo Transfer) for the vast majority of his patients who are under 35 and have produced high-quality embryos in conjunction with the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process.

Choosing eSET will help you to reduce your risk of a multiple pregnancy.

The primary goal of eSET is to optimize live birth rates and minimize multiple pregnancies by transferring one high-grade embryo in conjunction with IVF – in lieu of more than one embryo risking a multiple pregnancy.

Minimizing Multiple Pregnancy

Give yourself adequate time to contemplate all of your options so that your decisions about your infertility treatment will be on par with your present needs, values, and beliefs when it comes to risking a multiple pregnancy after undergoing IVF.

Making the decision to pursue eSET versus the implantation of more than one embryo requires you to know ALL the implications of the decisions you make.

Kofinas Fertility Institute will inform and educate you on all of the infertility treatment choices that will reduce your risk of a multiple pregnancy.

Kofinas Fertility Institute will give you ample time to make your decisions – and time to reconsider decisions – before you begin your infertility treatment process.

Kofinas Fertility Institute and Reducing the Risk of Multiple Pregnancies

At Kofinas Fertility Institute, we understand that your desire to have a child can make for a long and arduous process when you are trying to overcome infertility.