Change a Life: The Requirements to Become a Surrogate Mother

become a surrogate mother

When you decide to become a surrogate mother, it is one of the most giving decisions you will ever make in your life. Carrying a baby for nine months for someone else is a beautiful act.

Thousands of people want nothing more than to have a baby but can’t do it on their own. There are many reasons for this. But the reasons they can’t have a baby are much less important than the solution: surrogacy.

If you’ve been thinking about blessing a family through surrogacy, you need to know the requirements to become a surrogate mother.

It’s not an easy decision to make, but it’s one that will make a life-long difference for a family.

If you meet the 5 qualifications below, you might be eligible to become a surrogate mother.

1. Have you Given Birth Before?

This is an absolute requirement to become a surrogate mother. There are several reasons for this.

First, surrogacy is expensive. The soon-to-be parents are investing a lot in this pregnancy. To become a surrogate mother, you will need to show that you have the ability to carry a baby to full-term and give birth.

If you have never done this before, you aren’t a good candidate.

Second, surrogacy can be emotional for the woman who carries the child.

If you have children of your own to go home to after the pregnancy, it will greatly diminish any emotional complications when the new child is born.

2. Your Age

Age is not a set-in-stone rule to become a surrogate mother. However, the generally accepted guidelines are for women between 21 – 40.

For women 37 or older, you must have given birth within the prior 2 years. Additionally, at that age, a doctor will also need to clear you to become a surrogate.

3. Can You Pass an STD and Drug Screening?

Women who have a history of drug use or have sexually transmitted diseases cannot become surrogate mothers.

Unless you’re willing and able to submit to tests that prove you are drug and STD free, you will not be allowed to become a surrogate.

4. You Have a Stable Residence

Surrogates can make up to $50,000 for their services. However, this isn’t something that can be done if you’re typically on the move.

To become a surrogate mother, you must have a stable residence with no intent on moving out of state for the duration of the surrogacy.

If you’re the type of woman that is regularly on the move, surrogacy isn’t for you.

5. Overall Health

Women who are overweight or smoke cigarettes are not the best candidates for surrogacy. Smoking affects fertility.

The investment the parents make in their new baby is huge. They will want a surrogate mother that is healthy and takes care of herself. Their future baby’s life depends on it.

If you’ve decided to become a surrogate mother, you’ve made an unbelievably caring decision that will change the lives of many people.

People’s decisions on how to choose the right surrogate mother differ in many ways. With these guidelines, you’ll know if you’re a potential candidate for the right person.