5 Relationship Repairs When Dealing With Infertility

The infertility experience is one that can test couples in many different ways. Yesterday, we examined some of the common emotions that can occur, such as anger, depression, and frustration. We also looked at a few of the ways couples cope and how it can ultimately drive a wedge between them.

While taking part in infertility treatments is a good way to deal with the problem in a positive way, this is also a good time to work on repairing the bond you share as a couple. Keep reading for 5 ways to make things stronger than ever.

  1. Infertility is intensely personal, and there’s no one way to cope with it. Understand that your partner is experiencing it differently from you, and let them experience their feelings just as they should let you experience yours.
  2. As a couple, you’ve probably overcome challenges in the past, and you’ve done it together. Remember how you dealt with those problems, and use that spirit of teamwork again.
  3. Writing is an excellent and secure way to examine your feelings. Have each of you write down 3 ways infertility is impacting you, and set up a time to talk about it.
  4. If the intimacy of sex has disappeared, or if it only feels like a means to get pregnant, take steps to restore the intimacy. Cuddling, kisses, massages, and intimate meals are all good ways to rekindle the spark.
  5. Keep in mind that sometimes men and women can experience emotions differently. Try not to personalize it.